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Sell iPhones and Samsung In Bulk

We specialize in E-Waste including end of life, DOA (Dead On Arrival), BER (Beyond Econimical Repair), iCloud iPhones, and Samsung devices. We're currently buying thousands of units monthly. We're always looking for new reliable suppliers. Below is the target pricing we are looking to purchase devices for. Please make stock offers. 




We offer two payment options:


Paypal - We can make payments via Paypal. Please include the grade, model, and iCloud status on the invoice.  


Wire Upon Receipt - Ship your devices to us and receive payment via wire within 2 business days upon receipt. You can avoid the Paypal fee by using this option.



Label and safely pack each device and include the invoice in the box. Ship within one business day. Devices must arrive by Friday each week to qualify for current pricing. Late shipments may be subject to next weeks pricing.

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum Order Requirements: The order total must be at least $750.

Please make sure all devices are fully inspected and match the grading criteria. All devices must be legally obtained. We don’t accept devices that are missing major missing parts. All devices must be labeled with the grade / condition. Any device we receive that isn't as stated is subject to return at the sellers expense.


Grade Description
iCloud iCloud Locked, Powers Up - (*iCloud Good Screen / Condition* or *iCloud Cracked Glass* - Must have original LCD with no defects)
 DOA iCloud On          Any Mix of Issues (No Missing Parts) - No Power / iCloud Locked / iTunes Error / Won't Boot To Home Screen / Cracked / Bad LCD, Etc.  - (Bent Frames May Be Returned)
 DOA iCloud Off              Any Mix of Issues (No Missing Parts) - No Power / No iCloud Lock / iTunes Error / Won't Boot To Home Screen / Cracked / Bad LCD, Etc - (Bent Frames May Be Returned)
DOA SAMSUNG Any Mix of Issues (No Missing Major Parts - Back Plates and Batteries OK) - No Power / Google / Samsung Lock / Any Mix Of Issues, Etc. - (Bent / Cracked Frames May Be Returned)




Purchasing Price List:

(For devices received by 4-28-17)




Dead / DOA iPhones 
  iCloud On iCloud Off
iPhone 5 $8 $15
iPhone 5c $7 $15
iPhone 5s $15 $25
iPhone 6 $26 $55
iPhone 6+ $35 $55
iPhone 6s $40 $70
iPhone 6s+ $60 $80
iPhone 7 $85 $120
iPhone 7+ $95 $130


iCloud iPhones 
  Good Screen / Condition Cracked Glass Bad LCD
iPhone 6 $33 $30 $30
iPhone 6+ $50 $40 $38
iPhone 6s $75 $55 $43
iPhone 6s+ $130 $100 $65
iPhone 7 $145 $105 $95
iPhone 7+ $240 $170 $105


             DOA (or bad LCD)          
     Galaxy S4      $11
Galaxy S5 $16
        Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge         $26
Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge $36
Note 3 $21
Note 4 $25
Note 5 $35


Contact Info:


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Email: sales@smartsupply.co

Hours: Monday - Friday 9-5 PST

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