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How To Sell A Smartphone | SMART SUPPLY
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How does the inspection process work?

When your device arrives we do a 20 point inspection by checking the buttons, speakers, cameras, screen, serial number, etc. If the device doesn't pass inspection, we issue you a re-quote which you can accept and get paid or have the device shipped back.


How long will it take to get paid?

There are two options for getting paid:

  1. Paypal instant payment. Devices must be shipped within one business day and arrive weekly by Friday. Paypal charges a fee for using this service. New sellers must contact us first. 
  2. Bank Wire. You ship the devices to us and receive payment once the devices are inspected (references available). You can avoid Paypal fees by using this option.


How long is my quote good for?

Our pricing is updated weekly. Devices must arrive by Friday each week. Please contact us for delayed shipments.


What if my device isn't listed?

Unfortunely, these are the only devices we are currently accepting. Additional devices may be added in the future.


How do I factory reset my device and wipe all of my data?

If you have an Apple device you can restore it through iTunes or go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings. If you have an Android device go to Settings>Back up and reset>Factory data reset. We also factory reset all devices so your data is secure.


How do I know how much memory my device has?

For Apple devices go to Settings>General>About. For Android devices go to Settings>Storage.


Do I need to remove my SIM card?

We suggest that you remove your SIM card prior to shipping. All SIM cards we receive will be securely disposed of.