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Upgrade to the new Galaxy S5

The new Galaxy S5 is finally here. It looks good, performs very well, and it has everything you need to become a fixture in nearly every aspect of your life. The quad-core Android 4.4 KitKat machine has a terrific 16 megapixel camea, fingerprint sensor, and a heart rate monitor. It also has a few small design tweaks.

Many Android users will be upgrading from their Galaxy S3 or S4 and will likely be putting them into a droor to collect dust. Many people don’t realize how fast the value of their old device loses value once the new model comes out. It usually drops around 25%-35% once the new model comes out and slowly declines from there.

Often times, you can recoup the cost to upgrade to the newer model or pay off your current carrier’s early termination fees by selling your old phone. For example, the Galaxy S5 at AT&T currently has a down payment of $199.99. Depending on model, carrier, and condition of your old phone, you could covers the costs for some or all of the down payment.

Let us help you upgrade to the Galaxy S5. Sell your Galaxy S3, S4, iPhone, or iPad with www.smartsupply.co. We’ll give you a fair price, pay you super fast, and provide an overall convenient experience.